a 1,000,000 sq ft building of aggregated victorian plans punctuated by large blocks of amazon warehouse 'fulfillment' space, all lifted above a free-transport ground plane.

architecture and urbanism studio (third semester) - UC Berkeley, 2017.


nearly 2 linear miles of an anti-modern fabric of housing, full of nooks, eddies, courtyards, turrets, bays, pockets, edges, insides, crannies, corridors, attics, cupboards, rooms and anterooms. 


massive platonic blocks of uninhabited fulfillment space interrupt and distort the housing fabric, unoccupied by humans, served by KIVA robots instead.

mid plan-01.jpg

autos drop-off on the roof where one can access the lower housing by stair or elevator - once below circulation within the residential block is by foot, informal, intimate, intrusive. 

close plan-01.jpg
close elevation-01.jpg

the warehouse/fulfillment space repeats endlessly within its bounding form, as does the housing.

fulfill pp-01.jpg
personal pp-01.jpg